Tuesday October 30, 2018
2:00 PM EST

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Who Should Attend:

Engineers, Facility Managers, Architects, Infection Control Professionals, Physicians, Patient Safety Regulators, Policy-makers, Human Resource Managers, Building Occupants in Schools, Hospitals, Call Centers, and Offices.

Learning Objectives:

After attending this webinar attendees will understand the importance of indoor air management in supporting human health. The interplay of proper humidification, energy use and design of the built environment will be discussed, and tools for you to use to achieve this will be offered. 

Beauty, Brains, and Health – We bet you didn't know that your humidifier enhances all that!

The benefits of humidification for humans is an area that is often overlooked when assessing indoor air quality. Proper humidity levels should no longer be considered optional for occupied spaces because we now know that indoor relative humidity between 40-60% optimizes human health and thinking.

Conversely, prolonged exposure to air with low humidity is hazardous to our health because the resulting dehydration, which we are usually unaware of, impairs the functioning of our brain, kidneys, lungs, skin and eyes. Dry air also reduces our ability to fight illnesses from airborne pollution, chronic and acute respiratory infections, allergies and other diseases.

One clear benefit from proper humidification, supported by many research studies, is reduction of influenza infections. The past seasonal flu outbreak (2017-2018) was one the worst in recent history and the vaccination was largely ineffective against the most prevalent virus strain. In dry wintertime seasons, humidification is a very effective way to both decrease the transmission of viruses and enhance protection from our natural, built-in immune system.

Join us on this webinar journey to better understand how balanced indoor humidification in offices, schools, hospitals, and all other public buildings improves occupant health, thereby reducing absenteeism and enhancing productivity. In addition to having a better understanding of the hazards of dry indoor air and the benefits of indoor humidification, you will understand the steps you can take to live a healthier and more productive life.

CEO of Taylor Healthcare Consulting, Inc.

Presenter: Dr. Stephanie Taylor, MD, MArch, FRSPH(UK), CABE

President, North Bay Operations

Conservation Mechanical Systems, Inc.

Presenter: Mike Scofield,

Technical Product Manager, Nortec Humidity

Presenter: Graham Holmes

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